Will Custom POIs Duplicate Garmin Base POIs?


My Garmin c340 is Fedexing its way to me right now, as my family prepares for a two week cross-country trip (Texas to Connecticut). A search on this site hasn't given me the answer to a question I have.

If the c340 already has in its pre-loaded POI database for example, Texas State Parks, but I also download to my computer from this website the 'Texas State Parks' custom POI list and then upload to the c340...will the unit display duplicate icons for all parks?

I see a lot of interesting lists here, but don't want to clutter up the unit's screen with duplicate entries.

Will Custom POIs...

The POI's that you up-load from this site or any other shows up in My Favorites - Custom POI's - then whatever your folder names are or POI file name if they are all in a root folder. They show up on the map if your zoomed in far enough. If there is one already there from the Garmin database, you wouldn't necessarily see the Garmin one. The POI's you load cannot be accessed through the menu's that Garmin has (except through My Favorites) and you cannot change Garmin POI's. When you search using the Garmin menu's, you will not see your POI's. You only see your POI's under My Favorites. You'll get the hang of it. Hope this helps...

No problem

I guess it is better to have a POI entered into your c340 twice than not at all. As Benson said, the POI's don't show up on your map unless you zoom way in, so you won't have a cluttered screen.

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Thanks very much! Helps a

Thanks very much! Helps a lot. I'm really looking forward to a more enriched traveling experience! So, would a logical file structure be Some_State/abc.csv...xyz.csv, where you make folders for each state you know you will be traveling in and then individual POI files for each state? You would then 'drill down' as you actually entered a given state.


It's up to you how to organize them.

You can organize them by state, but you may not need to since the GPSr will automatically show you the closest locations to your current position.

Many of the files are for the entire US (for US POIs) and not broken down by state. It may be logical to set them up by type and/or by name. Some people have all their restaurant files in one folder, for example.

What I do is a mix of types. I have a folder for Krispy Kreme and the entire US POI file is in it. I have a folder for Honda Dealers and I have several POI files in it covering several states. I have a folder for National Parks that has files for National Parks, National Seashores, National Monuments, National Recreation Areas. Etc.

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