Nuvi 2789LMT


Does anybody know what is going on with the release of the Nuvi 2789LMT? It was supposed to be released with the 2014 Advanced Series line but it doesn't seem like it was. All of the other 2014 Advanced Series line are available and the 2789LMT says that it will be available in the 1st quarter of 2015 on the Garmin web site. I called Garmin and they just told me to keep checking the web site for updates on the release date because they don't know. Does anybody have any idea if they held it back because of any issues or if they released it and then pulled it for some reason?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

west coast dock problems

West coast dock problems have held up all shipping. These problems are just beginning to be solved. There is a huge backlog.

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Maybe the 2015.40 NA map update is stuck on the same ship. grin

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Wow! You're kidding! Well at

Wow! You're kidding! Well at least I understand what's going on Thanks.