Installing POI's in nuvi 350


After I download all the POI's and store them on my hard drive, I open POI Loader and start the transfer from my hard drive to the SD flash drive in my nuvi 350. After a few seconds the transfer is complete using the Express Mode. If I add another POI to the folder on my hard drive and try the transfer again, the POI Loader times out and nothing is transferred. There is no indication of what is wrong; just no activity. So I have lots of POI's loaded but can never update them or add new ones.

the right drive

Are you sure that the POILoader located the right aux drive on the second attempt. I had the same problem when I had two USB devices connected. The POILoader tried to load to the other USB device instead of the GPS device.


i agree

I will have to agree with "jclombardi". I also had the same problem. make sure you select the correct device. it would be best if you remove all removable devices from your system and allow the 350 alone to be plugged in. Give that a shot and let us know how this works. Sometimes it gets a little confusing when having multiple devices plugged in...

Found Solution

I made sure I was selecting the correct device; J:\garmin\poi\poi.gpi. I then moved all new poi's that I had on my hard drive to a new folder and started from a known good set. I then started adding the new poi's back from the new folder to the original folder. The poiloader worked fine with each new poi until I tried to load public_campgrounds_v_v.gpx. PoiLoader hung up and had to be manually shut down. I deleted the last poi,tried again and everything worked. Apparently the public campgrounds poi was corrupt. I now know to add each new poi one at a time to make sure the file is ok before going to the next.