Just thought I'd introduce myself and offer up two new POI files that I created yesterday. Wienerschnitzel and Foster's Freeze (both fast food joints) have been uploaded.

I'm a new (about a week) Nuvi 660 owner, and am having a blast with custom POI's. I've been using GPSes since back in the Garmin GPS-45XL days.

I look forward to additional contributions (and downloads!) in the future.

Nuvi 660, GPS V, GPS-45XL (ret), Delorme Earthmate, Trimble Placer 450


Hi, I'm Keith, and I'm a POI Factory addict.... smile

Soon, you will be assimilated. smile

*Keith* MacBook Pro *wifi iPad(2012) w/BadElf GPS & iPhone6 + Navigon*

Nice to Meet You

I have been a GPS owner for 2 months now and still can't believe I waited this long to become a GPS/POI addict like Keith. Ha ha

POI's are a necessity for me. I can hardly believe every major (and minor) chain does not dedicate full time staff to create and post their own stuff on this website. Well done POI's with phone numbers, icons, etc. would be what I would create if I were them. Like AAA !!

Welcome aboard!

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

Welcome Kirk, This is a fun

Welcome Kirk,
This is a fun site with lots of great people, you may want to plug your model name into the search engine and see what kind of fun tricks have been found out about your unit.

Welcome aboard,

Miss Poi