Edmonton city report says, Photo radar details too sensitive for public,


The number of speeding tickets issued by the City of Edmonton to motorists driving less than five kilometres per hour over the speed limit is too sensitive for councillors to discuss in public, says a city report.


Edmonton Councillor Mike Oshry says, “For me, the big over-reaching issue on photo radar is to try to figure out what's the point of the program.”. That's because The report also shows photo radar is focused on arterial roads, while most of the complaints concerning speeding comes from residential neighbourhoods.

Duh, Mike!!!! The Point of the program was sung loud and clear by Pink Floyd, on the "Dark Side Of The Moon" Album. "Money!!

Now, does Mike really think he's going to get anyone to admit that its all about the Money, even in a secret meeting. I applaud him for trying, but he's got to be incredibly naive to think anyone is going to say anything other than "it's about safety".

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