Keeping The Windmill Alive - Your Last Trip? – November 2014


In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you used it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.).
Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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Desert Country

Plan to go to Las Vegas this week.

Another Week

Another Windmill!!!


Passing out flyers for Scouting for Food around town


Nuvi 2460LMT.

around town

I use it a lot from about thur, friday for my running around town for estate sales, garage sales. sure saves a lot of map looking

Jerry...Jacksonville,Fl Nüvi1450,Nuvi650,Nuvi 2495 and Mapsource.

My Last Trip

Lake George, New York


San Jose to Jackson CA

lovely trip to visit friends in Gold Country this weekend.

Nuvi 3597 LMT

Corona CA

Had business trip to Corona, CA, where my company is converting HOV lanes to toll lanes on SR.-91.

Blacksburg VA

Garmin did not verbally identify if I should take the A, B, or C exit ramp from the collector-distributor road (I-81 exit 118). Should have taken the B ramp but avoiding the merging traffic from the on-ramp cloverleaf (right side) and the left lane driver that cut in front of me to take the exit did not permit me to look at the screen. Had to take the C ramp and backtrack to get on the desired route...

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, made the trip safely and didn't have to go another 10 miles and turn around. But I did wake the SO with my (expletives deleted)...

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell - Rob Thomas

Go Bears

Go Bears


i had to

Use my 3597 to find my way to the Waffle House that's only about 500 yards from here

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!


on a drive down south.

Contributor of the Week

I cannot add a comment on the COW strings.

Anyone know why?

NUVI40 Kingsport TN


Got back from a 4x4 trip at Smiley Rock, near Sedona, AZ.

Larry - Nuvi 680, Nuvi 1690, Nuvi 2797LMT


David King wrote:

I cannot add a comment on the COW strings.

Anyone know why?

Because they close on Mondays, right? DOH!

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Sands Casino - PA

...and again lost $. I'm done with that crap for awhile!

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25 Miles S.E to Historical School Building

Used my Nuvi 1300WT GPS and spent the day (9am to 3pm) having a good time at a Historical School House program.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

In South Florida

On a six week vacation and enjoying the time off but I've been quite busy this first week doing odd jobs around my townhouse.

My 255W worked flawlessly on the entire 1625 mile trip once again !

Cheers to y'all smile

Nüvi 255WT with nüMaps Lifetime North America born on 602117815 / Nüvi 3597LMTHD born on 805972514 / I love Friday’s except when I’m on holidays ~ canuk

just back

from a Laughlin, Nevada R&R...

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas for a few days using the Garmin to guide me to some new casino buffets and restaurants.

November Windmill

Enjoyed a wonderful time with fellow bikers riding the Talimena Scenic Parkway this past weekend. Weather was absolutely beautiful. Great wind therapy! - Garmin worked like a charm. Stayed overnite in Mena, Ark and had a wonderful breakfast at the Skyline Cafe before heading home to North Texas.

Eric M - Nuvi 2555 - IBA 46658 - TOH 151 - 2006 Honda Goldwing 2009 Honda Shadow -


Selling house and apartment searching. confused

Bob: My toys: Nüvi 1390T, Droid X2, Nook Color (rooted), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2, a Yo-Yo and a Slinky. Gotta have toys.


Took the GPS out for a shake down.


Last trip

Not too far from home but in an area of Chicago I am not familiar with. Always use the Garmin in these situations and have been served very well. Love my Garmin gps.



off to the city once more

Back to the mountains!

Seems I'm always heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, this time, it was the first snow of the season, and I wanted to introduce the new car to it.

The Moose Is Loose! nuvi 760

To The Front Door

For the Trick or Treaters.

Wait a minute... who am I here?

Chattanooga Visit from Florida

NUVI 2460LMT worked very well with waypoints programmed for Chattanooga using Basecamp. Traffic issues were reported as appropriate.

I-75 in Atlanta was not fun but GPS helped greatly.


Trying to find a way to a

Trying to find a way to a specialty Christmas shot for their open house.

nüvi 750 & 760

Avoiding Traffic

Exit expressway for traffic jams then head in the general direction I want to travel. The GPS gets me to the destination.

Back home.

Back home.


Adjusting to the time change and driving home in the dark. All good, though a little more dicey than usual in the dark with rain.

Wahiawa to Moanalu

Wahiawa to Moanalu

Drove to the store ...

to buy a new GPS!

Going tomorrow

Going tomorrow

a mini vacation

Took a little jaunt of 415 miles to Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area of Flor-I-duh to spend a few days with friends visiting from Arizona.
Great beaches and really enjoyed visiting the USAF Armament museum at Eglin, AFB and getting a close up view of planes from WWII area like the B-25 & B-17 all the way thru to the F-15, A-10, F-16 and the SR-71. Another highlight was getting introduced to the Donut Hole restaurants for breakfast ! 6 hour drive each way but very easy drive mostly on I-10.
Enjoyed the time with our friends !

MrKenFL- "Money can't buy you happiness .. But it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." NUVI 260, Nuvi 1490LMT & Nuvi 2595LMT all with 2014.4 maps !

Just back from ......

San Diego. Safari Park is a must see.


Short trip to Gettysburg Pa

Failure of GPS

We were headed west in August. Were looking for market area in Kansas City. Garmin took us on a real tour. A few days later we bought a Rand McNally. We were driving a 42 ft motorhome, so it wasn't funny. That is only one fun incident on this two month trip from Ottawa Canada to Pahrump NV and back through Wildwood FL

No Where Special

No Where Special... have a good weekend.


from the airport today

Jeff...... Nuvi 2460, Nuvi 2595

San Jose to Jackson

Lovely weather here in gold country.

Nuvi 3597 LMT


From the hospital.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

Back in country...

and ready to travel some more.

Just ordered a new (to me) Garmin nüvi 2555LMT in one of those pre-Black Friday sales. It was cheaper to order the 2555 than upgrade maps on the old 260. Looking forward to the lifetime maps too. Plan to give the new unit quite a workout next week and over the Holidays smile

Great news phranc

Wishing you a quick recovery along with you getting back onto your bus route soon smile

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last trip was to Vegas

last trip was to Vegas wink had a really good time. and my garmin got me there and back !!.. I love my windmill !!

DriveSmart 50, DriveSmart 60, nuvi 2595, nuvi 3760,

Seagrove, NC was my last trip.

More pottery and artisans than you can shake a stick at ...

Garmin Drive 61, nuvi 2597MT, too many really.


Bit of snow overnight then freezing rain.Scraped off ice
and snow and drove around town,bit slippery and is still snowing and -11 celcius now.


And have a homebrew. grin

non-native nutmegger


at the Lodge.

Happy Vetrans Day

Happy Vetrans Day

Thanx BiLL Solomon
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