Obtaining the GPS Coordinates From the Google Map App


Recently we took a trip where the Google Maps Android application showed the location of where we wanted to go. Our mobile GPS unit, a Nuvi 650, did not have that location in its database. So i had to think of a way to get the GPS Coordinates from the Nexus 6 and transfer it to the Nuvi 650.

No problem, so I thought until I tried to get the GPS coordinates from the Nexus 7. We did not figre out how to do it at the time, so we used the Nexus 7 map app. The good news, is that we were able to use the Nexus 7 Google map application to get to our destination even though we were out of WI-FI range for the entire trip. It was a fun experiment.

Since getting home, I was able to look-up this solution. "How to easily find any location’s coordinates with the Google Maps’ app"


The solution worked, but is cumbersome.
Since posting, I found on Google Play the following app: "Map Coordinates".


Since I just downloaded the app, I can't say much about it other than it does its job of displaying the GPS coordinates. Any favorite app for displaying GPS coordinates?

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

If you don't want to be tied

If you don't want to be tied to the Google Maps App, there are a variety of apps (some free) that will allow you to access the coordinates of the Android phone's GPS. For what ever reason Android apparently doesn't have a built in app to display the coordinates like the Apple iOS does.

This link has some ways to get the phone's GPS coordinates:

Another option. Use the

Another option. Use the Garmin Smartlink app to send locations you select within the Smartlink Pick Location option from your phone/tablet to your Smartlink compatable Bluetooth Nuvi.

Edit to add: Also if you save a location within the Google Maps App it will sometimes show the coordinates under the Your Places menu option, Nearby Saved Places section. Its hit or miss for me. Sometimes its a street address, other times a saved location shows up as the long/lat coordinates.