School Zones Winnipeg - by affected streets (GPX)


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Last updated 12/05/2022

Raw file: school_zones_winnipeg.GPX (172.26 KB)

This is a file of school zones in Winnipeg with a reduced speed of 30 KPH on certain streets. It maps approximately 200 school zones in Winnipeg where speed limits have been reduced from 50 km/hour to 30 km/hour and only alerts on the actual streets that are affected.

INSTRUCTION: Download the GPX file to a folder on your computer. Download an icon from here:
Change the name of the icon file to match the name of the speed zone file EXACTLY. You should now have two files in your folder: one named school_zones_winnipeg.gpx and one named school_zones_winnipeg.bmp.

Use POI Loader to upload the files to your Garmin. Once your computer recognizes the Garmin is connected, open POI Loader and find your device. Click continue and select "Load custom POIs into your device." Click continue, browse to find your folder, select "meters and kilometers" and "manual" settings. Click continue and select "This file contains proximity points" and enter a default alert speed of 30 KPH.

Each school zone was entered manually to comply with the actual legal limits as provided by the City of Winnipeg. If your speed is above 30 KPH, you should receive a warning just before the "school zone" sign on an appropriate street. (Don't forget to check off proximity warnings in your Garmin settings.)

It will alert if your speed is above 30 KPH, 24 hours a day. It does not have the ability to discern when reduced speed school zones are actually in effect, so it will be up to the driver to read the signs and adjust their speed accordingly. The file is provided so that drivers can be alert and watching the roadway for kids instead of studying their speedometer.

Here are some extra tips. On some models, you can download a wav or MP3 file to warn you by voice instead of by a warning tone. If you use a wav or MP3 speech file and set your Garmin to alert proximity points with a continuous tone, it will repeat the speech file every few seconds for the time you are above the 30 KPH set speed. You can use an existing wav or mp3 file from this site or create your own, using free sites on the internet. How you download it depends on the model. Older Garmin models use mp3 voices and newer models use wav files. If you are using Windows, you may need to add a sox.exe program into the same folder as your POI Loader program in order to upload the voice file correctly. (Search this forum for instructions.)

Before you try uploading a sound file to your GPS, be sure the name of the sound file EXACTLY matches the name of the school zone file. So whatever file you use, it should be named school_zones_winnipeg.wav or school_zones_winnipeg.mp3, depending on model of GPS.


Also comment if you find discrepancies.This file took years to create and is updated on a regular basis as reduced speed school zones are added or dropped. The City of Winnipeg no longer announces changes to the reduced speed school zone bylaw, so it is up to the community of users to keep this up to date.

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Change History

  • Chickenhawks - Dec 5, 2022
    - Added one school and changed the name of one school

  • Chickenhawks - Aug 11, 2021
    Added new schools

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 4, 2019
    - added two more schools and adjusted three zone limits

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 4, 2019
    - added two new schools

  • Chickenhawks - Dec 12, 2017
    - added two schools; deleted one school

  • Chickenhawks - Apr 17, 2017
    - added new schools

  • Chickenhawks - Nov 30, 2016
    - Increased warning proximity for Wayota School, based on request for earlier warning

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 29, 2016
    - Removed West St. Paul on Main St., north of perimeter. It is outside City of Winnipeg, and is not a 30KPH school zone (50KPH)

  • charlesd45 - Apr 14, 2016
    48 BMP

  • Chickenhawks - Feb 7, 2016
    - shortened one school zone leaking onto Pembina Highway

  • Chickenhawks - Feb 7, 2016
    - added two new school zones

  • Chickenhawks - Jan 28, 2016
    - added one school not listed in legislation - Ecole Romeo Dallare

  • Chickenhawks - Jan 4, 2016
    - expanded one school zone (Lincoln Middle School)

  • Chickenhawks - Jan 4, 2016
    - removed one school (Grey Academy, on Wellington Crescent)

  • charlesd45 - Dec 28, 2015

  • Chickenhawks - Dec 26, 2015
    - added West St Paul School on Main Street

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 1, 2015
    - final 15 schools added

  • Chickenhawks - Aug 29, 2015
    - added 30 new zones and subtracted four

  • Chickenhawks - Aug 18, 2015
    - added and modified 20 school zones

  • Chickenhawks - Jul 31, 2015
    - 20 more schools added

  • Chickenhawks - Jul 30, 2015
    - 20 more schools added

  • Chickenhawks - Mar 27, 2015
    - 20 more schools added

  • Chickenhawks - Feb 17, 2015
    - 20 more schools added

  • Chickenhawks - Dec 25, 2014
    - 20 new schools added, as per bylaw amendment passed Dec 2014

  • Chickenhawks - Dec 10, 2014
    - Minor expansion of some zones and added one school based on user information

  • Chickenhawks - Nov 13, 2014
    - Completed all 171 schools in Winnipeg where speed zone reductions exist

  • Chickenhawks - Nov 1, 2014
    - Added 20 more schools

  • Chickenhawks - Oct 13, 2014
    - Added new schools (110 total), corrected sign placement errors by the city, removed streets no longer in compliance with the b

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 28, 2014
    - Changes in spelling; added new schools (90 total)

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 20, 2014
    added new schools (75 total)

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 16, 2014
    added new schools (62 total)

  • Chickenhawks - Sep 14, 2014
    added new schools (47 total), increased warning distance by 10 meters in some of the test areas