Converting .mp3 files to .wav files using


Converting .mp3 files to .wav files using

Step 1: Download your POI sound files in .mp3 format from poi-factory. Put them in a folder for easy access. If you left click on a file, it will be played for you. If you like the sound file, you download it by right-clicking on it and choosing "save link as ..."

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Click on the light blue "SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD"

Step 4:
A. Navigate to the folder with the .mp3 files that you wish to convert.
B. Click on the desired file
C. Click on "Open"

Step 5:
A. In "OUTPUT FORMAT" section, click the "WAV(.wav files)" button
B. Click the "Convert" button"

Step 6: Click on the "Download (x KB)" button that will appear below the file that you just converted.

Step 7:
A. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save the converted file.
B. Accept the file name or choose a new one
C. Click the "Save" button

If you have more than one .mp3 file to convert, press the "back" button on your browser and go back to Step 3:

Note: If there are more than one .mp3 files you wish to convert in a single folder, you can select all of them (using CTRL-A) for upload and, then, convert them all at one time. will convert the whole batch when you click on “WAV” and “CONVERT”

After the conversions are complete, you can download all of the wav files at once by clicking on “Download as ZIP file” under “DOWNLOAD ALL FILES”.

Thanks to Evert for the info on multiple conversions at one time.

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