Florida Agricultural Inspection Stations


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Last updated 02/15/2014

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As far as I know, there are 22 Agricultural Inspection Stations around Florida. I have done my best to locate and note all of them. If you set this up with a distance warning, you'll know to be in the far right lane before getting to the exit, saving the surprise on the other side of that overpass/corner. Ag Stations are required for all trucks with covered backs, box trucks, work vans, enclosed trailers, semi's, moving trucks, and anything carrying any form of aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture, livestock.
From the regulations:
"Florida Statute makes it unlawful for the driver of any vehicle, other than those exempted by the statute, to pass any official agricultural inspection station without first stopping and submitting the vehicle for inspection. Those vehicles not required to stop include: private passenger automobiles with no trailer in tow, travel trailers, camping vehicles, van conversions, and motor homes, or pickup trucks not carrying agricultural, horticultural, or livestock products and which have visible access to the entire cargo area, or city, county, state, or federal vehicles."

This is my first ever submission, so if something isnt to standard, let me know and explain it. I learn quick!

2/14/14: Updated. Missed a stop in Branford, fixed a typo, edited descriptions, and now its a ready to go GPX with a 1mile warning preset.

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