Icons on Nuvi 2597


OK. I am still discovering my new 2597. What a difference from the 750. What a great device!!

Once following a route, various icons show on the map, mainly gas stations, restaurants and banks.

Question 1: where do i find a description of each icon. Most are self explanatory but others are not.
Question 2: can I change what show on the map. For example, I don't care about banks but I wouldn't mind seeing factory outlets.

I searched the internet about this with no success.

Thanks in advance for any help



I have a 2797 which is the 7" version of the 2597 and assuming they are the same then no, you cannot control which ones show. The only settings in the map detail section is a more or less choice.

My one lone gripe about the 2797 is the built in POI / Favorite icons. They are almost cartoonish looking and huge in relation to the rest of the map (and cannot be changed at this point).

It does handle custom POI's fine as you can alter their size, etc.

Hope this helps

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Thanks. That's what I thought but was wondering if any members here had any insights. I guess I will have to cope with all those useless "$$$" icons!!

2597 icons

Just a note: I have found the 48x48 pixel is just fine. I use Photoshop Elements to scale up but that is only because I have it.