New use for GPS


They have now figured a new use for GPS
They can now follow you without starting a chase.

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re: New Use for GPS

Seems like it could save lives and still get bad guys off the street. They could easily follow them without letting them know they were being followed.

Too bad>>>

It's not a photon torpedo smile

"You can't get there from here"

Oh the humanity

Very cool! But I fear it could make police chase footage a thing of the past. What will Angelenos watch on TV?

JMoo On

Times changing

It is nice to know that technology is going to be deployed for the good of society.

Awesome, until....

This is a great thing, if used properly, But it is unavoidable that it will be abused.
We are always happy when, as mentioned above, something is used against "them". It is just a matter of time before "them" becomes "you".

Cop is pissed of at his/her significant other and tracks him/her.

Cop sees you smoking in your car and tracks you. Drive 3 miles and you Will break a traffic law of some sort. Bingo...ticket.

Cop sees a hot person that excites him/her sexually and tracks them.

Cop sees a celebrity.

On and on. Possibilities are endless.

Oh that will never happen!! Right. Lets talk about this bridge I have for sale.....