You Folks Are Good


I try to keep up with reporting Red Light or Speed Cameras in my near D.C./MD area. While heading out to lunch yesterday, I saw a speed camera being installed on North Portal Drive, DC. I went back today with my GPS to take a location. Lo & behold, you already had it in the database! I guess I never saw it go in earlier.

A big bravo to the team.


Thank you!

We appreciate the feedback!


FZbar wrote: A big bravo to

FZbar wrote:

A big bravo to the team.

Indeed! Thanks to all those who work hard to make this site useful to others.

No complaints

This site has been good to me ever since I joined a couple years back. Thanks everyone for making it the best.

Do not Assume

its already there, the same has happened to me. One the other hand, most of the time i'm quicker. If you see a new one always check the files out to make sure it hasn't bin missed. smile

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Many members here are quick

Many members here are quick as far as notifying Angela about the latest changes/updates. Angela is just as quick as far as implementing the change/updates into the files.

Very useful

Yes, the site is very useful to its members. Thanks to all the contributors!

Hope to....

With a bill outlawing most RLC's moving through the Ohio house, I hope I can report some camera's coming Down in the coming months!!