Newbie needs help (MapSource can only read .GPX)


Download of .CSV works ok. Garmin POI Loader makes it a .GPI but MapSource can only read .GPX

What do I do?

Change it

Download EPE at This changes csv to gpx using the file save as feature. My program Street Atlas by Delorme can only use CSV to 250 Files so I download them & using EPE change them to GPX so my program will except any amount of files.


Why are you trying to read the GPI file in MapSource?

.gpi or .gpx

Cause I didn't know any better! I got it figured out using a Garmin converter which takes the csv file and converts to gpx.

GPS Visualizer

Here is another program and it is online.


What I meant was what are you really trying to do?

You don't need to open the Custom POI files on your computer unless you want to edit them (which often is not necessary).

Just load them to the GPS unit with POI Loader.

Using Mapsource with CSV files

A good example is the Giant Roadside Crosses. Converting, then viewing them in Mapsource helps me decide if I want include one on my next vacation. If I do select one or more, I can easily save them as favorites to my GPS.
I can leave the .csv file as is, in my Custom POI folder.

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