Double Icons


I have a Nuvi 2597, Nuvi 2460, and a Zumo 550. I have noticed that when I upload a POI file to the Nuvi 2597 that it creates two icons in the same place, one just slightly below the other. This is not a problem with the other units that I have. I have removed the icons and files and have uploaded them numerous times and still the same results. Contact with Garmin was no help. The tech told me to remove the old files and replace them with the fixed file. What fixed file? The file is ok for the other two units so anyone else having these problems, please respond. Maybe we can get Garmin on their toes.

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If this is only happening on the 2597 is it happening with every POI file you have icons for or only on a selective few? The reason I ask is that the 2597 has icons for a number of popular restaurants, banks, gas stations, etc. built into the map data so it maybe possible that if you have a POI file for Starbucks, as an example, your seeing your icon as well as the one provided by the Nuvi maps.

One way to tell is that unless you've changed the size of the icon in your POI files they will appear much smaller than the built in POI icons.

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Double Icons

t923347, it is happening with all of the POI's icons that I have uploaded to the Nuvi 2597. Example: On Ghost Sites, I have uploaded the file along with the POI icon. Then it shows up as two icons. I don't think that Garmin has a Ghost Site because this one is unique to North Carolina which I have created. I have tried different size icons for which I have created from 48x48 to 22x22 and all in between with the same results. I do not have icons that Garmin already has on the unit so therefore, that couldn't be it.


Let's try to simplify.

First - assuming you have a complete backup, attach your unit to your computer and make a backup of any .gpi files in the POI folder. If you do not have a complete backup PLEASE MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW! See

Now, you can either delete the .gpi files directly using your computer, or you can do so in the POI Loader run you will be making.

Select one of your POI file sets (the set will have a .csv/.gpx file and a .bmp file). Make a new folder called something like POITest and copy the files there.

Now, do a run of POI Loader. Point POI LOader to the folder POITest and load this one POI file set to the unit.

Safely disconnect your unit from your computer and boot it up.

Assuming that there is at least one of the just-loaded POI locations near you, scroll your map to that area and zoom into whatever distance is required for the Icon to appear.

If there is not a location near you, then you might want to learn how to simulate - see

Give us a report as to what you find.


It worked. You the man. What I can't figure out is, why didn't it affect the other GPSs that I put those same files on. Thanks again.


Glad you got the problem solved.

It does not surprise me that some units respond differently.