Chit Chat Thread for the week of April 22, 2013


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

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Health Insurance

I have spent many hours over the past several days on the phone with my insurance company & also with a doctor's office trying to fix a billing/payment problem.

Thank you Obamacare for creating this insurance nightmare. mad

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Central Ohio weather

50 degree drop in 36 hours - at least no snow (yet)....


have a great week everyone!

have a great week everyone! oops, i am late this week smile how did it get to be Wednesday already?

feels like it should be friday already

given the stress and hours I'm spending at work!

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Have a great week!

Have a great week!


Warmer weather ahead!

Hope everyone has a great & safe week!


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an eye for an eye

Hope that Gutless Punk bomber gets what he deserves.

Are we there yet?

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

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Could it actually be starting to get a bit warmer on the prairies? I just had my summer tires put on so I can pretty much guarantee another three feet of snow in the next few days... wink

Did you know that ....

*13 People Die Every Year From Vending Machines

*Rain Contains Vitamin B12

*Your Liver Has Over 500 Functions

*Your Brain Uses 25% Of All The Oxygen Your Breathe

*After Hawaii, New York Is The State Surrounded By The Most Water

*Ice Skating Rinks Always Go Counter Clock Wise (For The Majority Of People That Are Right Handed Needing To Hang Onto The Rail)

*Sponges Hold More Cold Water Than Hot

*A Flea Can Jump 350 Times Its Body Length

*Cucumbers Are 96% Water.

*A Full Moon Is 9 Times Brighter Than A Half Moon

*A Honeybee's Top Speed Is 24kph (15mph)

*A Humming Bird Flaps Its Wings Up To 90 Times A Second (5,400 Times A Minute)

*Flys Always Launch Backwards For A Quick Getaway

*Horses Have 18 More Bones Than Humans

*A Cheetahs Top Speed Is 114kph (70mph)

*Horses Sleep Standing Up

*A Jellyfish Is 95% Water

*Bats Are The Only Mammals That Fly

*A Cat Uses Its Whiskers To Determine If A Space Is Too Small To Squeeze Through

*Every Day 7% Of The Us Eats At Mcdonalds

*A Snail Can Sleep For 3 Years

*Tigers Have Striped Skin As Well As Fur

*Crocodiles Are Colour Blind

*A Chameleons Tongue Is Twice The Length Of Its Body

*Dogs Sweat Through The Pads On Their Feet

*Hippopotamuses Are Born Under Water

*Bananas Grow Pointing Upwards.

*Whales Can't Swim Backwards

*Camels Are Born Without Humps

*Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

*The Average Porcupine Has 30,000 Spikes

*Tarantula Spiders Can Survive 2 And A Half Years Without Food

*Crocodiles Are Responsible For Over A 1,000 Deaths Each Year By The Banks Of The Nile River

*There Are More Insects In The World Than All Other Animals Combined

*Giraffes Can't Swim

*Crocodiles Swallow Rocks To Help Them Dive Deeper

*An Elephant's Trunk Can Hold Over 5 Litres Of Water

*Bull's Can Run Faster Uphill Than Down

*A Shark's Teeth Are Literally As Hard As Steel

*A Moth Has No Stomach

*Grasshoppers Have White Blood

*It Takes 4 Hours To Hardboil An Ostrich Egg

*New York Was Once Called New Amsterdam

*There Is 200 Times More Gold In The World's Oceans Than Has Been Mined

*Brazil Got Its Name From The Brazilian Nut (Not The Other Way Around)

*The Moon Orbits The Earth Every 27.32 Days

*More Than 75% Of All Countries Are North Of The Equator

*Yugoslavia Is Bordered By 7 Other Countries

*2 Million Hydrogen Atoms Would Be Required To Cover A Full Stop (.)

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oh no

oh no, I missed last week.

I disagree

bobkz wrote:

*After Hawaii, New York Is The State Surrounded By The Most Water

If you count only ocean front coastline, New York comes in 14th. Florida is second and Hawaii is 4th. First place goes to our largest state, Alaska with over 6,600 miles of ocean coastline.

Oh, including lakes, New York still comes in 14th.

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I hope you are all having a

I hope you are all having a good week.

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Good Week !

Yep !


hello out there!


Let's Go Heat!


sewisdom - Drive carefully. The life you save... may be someone who owes you money!

This pollen's gonna kill me!

This pollen's gonna kill me!

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TGIF - Have a Good weekend Everyone

TGIF - Have a Good weekend Everyone



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Have a good day.

Have a good day.

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No more rain. Sun is out. Time to get the mower read to deal with the forest that is my lawn. Have a great weekend everyone.

late check'in

Have a Great Week!

Warmer Weather, Finally

Ah, 60s, with 70s on the way this weekend. Finally able to switch to a bicycle with a handheld GPS for some geocaching fun. Whoooopeee!

Did you know that...

*Hawaii Officially Became Apart Of The Us In 1900

*The D.C. In Washington D.C. Stands For District Of Columbia

*New York Contains 920km (571miles) Of Shoreline

*The Dead Sea Is Actually An Inland Lake

*There Are No Rivers In Saudi Arabia

*The Largest Exporter Of Sugar Is Cuba

*Dirty Snow Melts Quicker Than Clean Snow

*Icelandic Phone Books Are Listed By First Names (Not Surnames)

*1 Gigayear = 1,000,000,000,000 Years

*The Water In The Dead Sea Is So Salty That Its Easier To Float Than Sink

*Rio De Janeiro Translates To River Of January

*The Moons Diameter Is 3,476km

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Checking in

Glad the work week is over. Good weather tomorrow, gonna take a long ride on the bike tomorrow.

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enjoy your


time flies

must be having fun because these weeks go by fast!


25 last night, no tomatos this year, give me 97 any day. NB Canada.

Weekend Coming

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Jim Garmin nuvi 660

beach time

Dreamer. NB canada no beach time in this area........

Grounded by Lightning

Yes, Grounded from travel due to a severe lightning surge to our motorhome which was plugged in to our garage which was hit.

BTW, the best way to prevent lightning surge or strike is to have a VERY good ground for you electric panel. Our house has 300 feet of ground wire "wire plowed" down the side of the hill we live on, and the house never gets surged anymore. Now, I guess we need to figure out a way to improve the ground for the electric panel in the garage, which is over 50 feet from the house. Kinda like fixing the barn door after the horse is out, but maybe we'll get another horse. :>)


Good morning.

Good morning.

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non-native nutmegger

Go Blackhawks

Go Blackhawks

Go Blackhawks


Spring is FINALLY here in Washington, DC area. All the azaleas are coming into bloom at one time along with the dogwoods. It's about time.


Warm weather

Nice warm weather!

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Winter is just round the corner

The first snow is on the mountains

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present...

Hello to all

Everyone have a great week

Good Day

Have a good day.


and it is to get in the upper 70's today Nice weekend . smile

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80's here.

80's here.

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Spring is here!!!

Spring has finally arrived. Now I have to attach my 1350 to my R1100RT cycle.

Suggestions ? I have a RAM mount but have not found a way to attach my 1350 to the RAM mount. I used the RAM on my 750 and 855 successfully but this new cradle does not seem to allow a 'mount'.

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Checkin In

Just checkin in!

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hi all

hi all

Hello all

Hello all - How is everybody doing in the coldest spring on record!

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

I'm first

to post this week! smile

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Good Night Everyone

Good Night Everyone

Good night

...or Good Morning?!

Have a nice week

Have a nice week

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