Different voices


I run the Intelliroute TND 720, does anyone know how to get different voices, mine only has 2 different ones.

i'm not familiar with this line

I"m not familiar with this line of units but there are two basic types of voices. There are the novelty voices which often are impersonations of famous people or characters and there are the voices that relay instructions such as "Turn right on Main Street." The second type is known as a "Text to speech" voice and those are developed specifically for the units they run on.

So, if you want a Clint Eastwood telling you "in 1/4 mile, turn right" look for a compatible novelty voice of which there are several. Pig Tones used to be a site where you could get various novelty voices, but there have been a lot of reports about the site trying to install unwanted programs on your computer. There are others, do a search for GPS Voices and several should pop up. Text to speech or TTS Voices are usually only available from your unit manufacturer as different units use different "engines" for the voices.

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Samantha or Tom Voices

According to the manual, Samantha or Tom are your voice choices.


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