Have you ever seen the Google Streetview car?


... as seen by another Google Streetview car. On the salt flats, west of Salt Lake City, UT:


[ Oops, gone! Looks like Google replaced this section with imagery from March, 2012. I guess the "streets" didn't change much, but they got rid of an interesting view of the other car. crying ]

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Not Me But

I haven't seen it but my business partner saw one and was even parked next to it. He took some cameraphone pictures to show me.

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ANother one in our area--

But we are in Silicon Valley... We see variations of them, different car models, different sensor platforms.

We also see the self-driving cars. Saw one last week navigating a Costco parking lot at lunchtime! That's got to be a learning experience!

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Yes, I did.

I saw it multiple times

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I saw an ordinary passenger car reflected off a large window in Katy, TX. From the angle, I'd assume it was the Google car.

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Google Car

I've seen it several times in St. Louis. I've been able to check it at work to see if I'm home in the driveway. Er, OK, so it's not real-time, yet. The technology is cool, and scary at the same time. I have also seen a photo of the backpacker's version. Not something I'd want to wear down into the Grand Canyon.

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