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Looking for Zumo 550 users to exchange ideas and information.

Zumo 550 users

I purchased my Zumo about a month ago and am still finding more stuff that it will do. I did have a bit of a learning curve in designing a route on the pc and getting it to show on the gps, but seems to work ok now. I have three Harleys and got this for the 06 Ultra Classic. Have it wired now so the gps can be heard on the bike speakers or through my helmet using all stock H-D systems. Just livin the dream, Tagg

duplicate POI files

I live near the border of the Northeast and Midwest Populated areas defined by the regional POI files. I therefore want to load both files to the Zumo. When I do, I get 2 records of each ( ie instead of 2 categories to select from, I get 4 and when I search for POIs I get 2 hits for each one). I don't want to go back to the entire US but need help on getting the dups. I deleted the entire poi database from the SD card before importing the new CSV files.

I got duplicates when I

I got duplicates when I loaded the poi's to the SD card instead of the Zumo memory. When I started the Zumo after loading, it asked me if I wanted to import the POI's and I said yes. I suspect that is what did it. Now I just load straight to the Zumo.

Rusty Myers Austin, TX Garmin eTrex Vista, Zumo 550

New Zumo 550 for my Gold Wing

I just bought the Zumo 550 and the GXM 30 antenna. It is to replace my 2720 and my XM Roady 2. I ahve my Motorola Razor V3 phone also paired. So far I like it but I am not happy with the weather not working.


Wiring the Zumo to your bikes speakers

Deliri 2005 SEEG (FLHTCSE2)

Hi Tagg,

I have a 2005 Harley SEEG (Screamin Eagle Electra Glide FLHTCSE2) and I just got my Zumo 550 and am going through all the loading/downloading/configuring. I came to this sight to get POIs and saw your message. I was woundering how you tied into the bikes speakers and can you still hear the radio too. Do you have to switch back-n-forth from say the AUX input to the radio?
I am planning to go to Srurgis this year and was wanting to get POIs for the trip. I got copies of bridges of Oregon, and Water Falls of Oregon; but this data is in Excel spreadsheet format. I am guessing that I need to create my own POI data, so now I am looking into the format of the .csv file for POI.
As you can guess I live in Oregon and for the last week I have not been able to ride my bike. I miss riding my bike.


Deliri 2005 SEEG (FLHTCSE2)

This is a great place to go

This is a great place to go for Zumo related stuff: http://razorbiker.com/zumo/

- Jon

Let Garmin Know

The Zumo 550 is a nice unit. It really does almost everything I need it to do. There are a couple of features I'd like to see on it though that would have made it easier to install/use.

First off, a cradle with a single cable smart plug to carry power, audio, mic input and even USB for an XM antenna to be mounted elsewhere on the bike would have been nice. The install would be a lot cleaner than the 3 or 4 wire install you must do now.

Secondly, I would like to see them implement XM over Bluetooth. This seems relatively easy to do since they already have MP3 over Bluetooth.

I'm sure many of you have other suggestions and I encourage you to write Garmin and who knows, maybe they will listen and provide solutions.

Here is the email address for Garmin to send suggestions and requests. I already sent them the two I mentioned above.


Codevyper Garmin Zumo 550 2005 VTX 1800N3

Zumo 550 Bluetooth

If you are looking for a device that can connect to a helmet headset and to a phone at the same time keep looking. It seems, althought it advertized to do so, it can't link correctly with most phones and helmet headsets. It can do one at a time fine but not both. Garmin seem to have no solution or is completely disregarding the problem.


ZUMO Bluetooth

I frequently use a Jabra bluetooth and a Blackberry phone - both at the same time. I am not certain about bluetooth for the helmet as I have chosen to hardwire the Zumo on the bike and plug my helmet in to the wiring. Starcom makes a good headset combo for ~$55. http://www.casporttouring.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD...

I went with the hardwire on the bike since I wanted to take advantage of MP3 in stereo. THe Zumo does note support the latest bluetooth technology sad so a little extra wiring and I was all set.

Wiring into the HD audio system

How did you wire audio and mike into the HD Ultraclassic sound system? No problem on the power harness, but I need some help on integrating the Zumo 550 features into the HD system and maintaing all functions...

Thanks, Brooks

HD intergration

ck out www.cellset.com

dbhodgesiii wrote:

How did you wire audio and mike into the HD Ultraclassic sound system? No problem on the power harness, but I need some help on integrating the Zumo 550 features into the HD system and maintaing all functions...

Thanks, Brooks

Zumo 550 1997 Goldwing 1500se 2004 Prostreet Custom

Deleting POI files

I am also a new ZUMO owner. I find that if I load POI files onto my 2gig SD card and then wish to delete all poi files, I must run POI Loader twice, once to delete the data in the Garmin/POI folder on the SD card, then again to delete the data in the Garmin/POI folder internal on the ZUMO. Only when both Garmin/POI = "0" have the POIs been totally removed from the ZUMO.

Hope this helps.




The Zumo works better if the POIs are loaded directly to the unit instead of the SD card because you can't get rid of the prompt asking you if you want to import them. And once you import them, you end up with a copy of the POI.GPI file on both your Zumo and on the card. And then when you run POI Loader again, you get duplicates.

Install them to the unit and use the SD card for your MP3s and maps.

Prompt to load from SD Card

You CAN get rid of the prompt. Answer YES to the first question, then click on "Don't ask me again" and press on SKIP.

It won't ask you until you load more custom POIs


Doesn't work on the Zumo.

Yep, kind of a pain on the

Yep, kind of a pain on the Zumo. I do the same thing and just load them on the unit and not the sd card. I use the sd card for music and other mapsets.

Rusty Myers Austin, TX Garmin eTrex Vista, Zumo 550

Zumo POI loading

Yes, loading the POIs on the Zumo can be a pain until you learn a few tricks. I had the same experience, it's much better to load POIs using POIloader.

Do not load them as Waypoints, they will appear duplicated every time you load your file in your GPS.

I have created several .gdb files, but one, named "base" contains my most useful information (like close rides, etc.) and others have regions or events names and I load them for vacations or longer trips.

As for the POIs, I create one file for each type of POI (traffic cameras, max speed, restaurants, business, etc.) and load them all with POIloader.

This was the best arrangement for me.

BTW, there are special names for POI files that would behave differently. If you name your file "redlight" it will act as a proximity alert, "speed ##" will give you a speed warning if you go over ## miles per hour, etc.

There are other tricks I'm still learning. Maybe you already know all this... anyway, please let me know if you know more tips like these.


Talk to these people

dbhodgesiii wrote:

How did you wire audio and mike into the HD Ultraclassic sound system? No problem on the power harness, but I need some help on integrating the Zumo 550 features into the HD system and maintaing all functions...

Thanks, Brooks


Call the people at Cycle Gadgets. They will fix you up.


Ed - Garmin Zumo 550 (have 2)

Best price on Zumo

My little brother is turning 50!!!! and I am going to get him a Zumo for his birthday in September. Any suggestions on where to buy for best price? Thanks, Barb



Check out the Zumo forums for all things Zumo.


Loading .gdb onto Zumo

How do you get the .gdb files into a format that POILoader will put on the unit? I downloaded the full set of H-D dealerships (.gdb files for each state) but the POILoader says it needs the files in .csv or .gpx.


Open the file(s) in MapSource and save them as GPX file format. Then use POI Loader to load them to the GPS unit.

GDB Files

My unit did not come with any Mapsource software.


You have a Zumo 550 and it didn't come with MapSource? Where did you get it from?


I stand corrected. I did get that software, I just didn't realize it until today. I am going to install the software. Will it mess up the updated map (City Navigator NT 2009) that I bought from Garmin?


No, it won't mess up your map update. In fact, you should run the map update once you install MapSource and unlock the maps on the DVD in order to update the maps in MapSource. It's important to have the same version on your Zumo and in MapSource.

One other note. You will get a prompt to update your MapSource version. Do NOT update to version 6.14.1!!

Update to version 6.13.7 using the file at this link.

MapSource Update

Thanks for the tips. I installed the software and entered the unlock code. I am now using v 6.13.7. I tried to re-download and install the CityNav 2009 NT update like you said, but it will not let me re-download it. I bought it several months ago. Any ideas?


No, don't redownload it. Re-run the file on your computer that you downloaded before.

File No Longer

I'm pretty sure I don't have that file anymore. Once the map data was imported to the unit, I deleted the install file.


Hmmmm, well, you are probably out of luck then. You might try calling Garmin and seeing if they can help.

In the future, I would recommend keeping a file like that.


OK, Garmin let me re-download the file, and I have archived it. I re-installed the 2009 version to the PC and the unit. Now it says I have two maps (2009 ver and 2008 ver FL maps) on the device. How do I remove the old version Florida maps? I can't tell which files on the device correspond to the old maps. Also, is there any benefit to using MapSource to push regional maps onto the device? I thought when I installed the 2009 update, it put the whole US on there. Is there more detail in the PC software maps?

Thanks for all the help so far!


If you have the FL map, that means that at some point you sent maps from MapSource to the Zumo. The correct way to update the preloaded maps on a unit is to RUN the update program and allow it to overwrite the preloaded map file. Sending maps from MapSource is not needed and can sometimes cause problems.

Look for a file named GMAPSUPP.IMG and delete it. Do NOT do anything to any of the other .IMG files.

If you haven't already, you might want to check out the Zumo Forums.



OK, the old maps are gone! Thanks.

mapsource software

hey Motorcycle Mama,
I saw above in the thread about how I should have the mapsource software. I did not receive any software and the box does not list it. It was purchased from sam's club here in Washington State. What does this software do?



If you purchased the Zumo 550, it should have come with a DVD with the City Navigator maps and MapSource on it with a full unlock code for the maps.

MapSource along with the City Navigator maps are installed onto your computer and allow you to plan routes, create/manage Favorites/Waypoints, and view your trip logs from your Zumo.

Thinking of getting a Zumo

I've been using a Nuvi 350 for years on my motorcycle, and I'm thinking about getting one of the Zumi models. Is it worth the money?


It is to me. smile

The vast majority of my pleasure riding is on back country roads. And by myself. I wouldn't feel nearly as comfortable attempting unfamiliar roads without my Zumo on-board. I never have to worry about turning down a road and not being able to get out.

It's waterproof and is rugged and made to withstand
a harsh environment and vibration.

The Fuel Gauge function will tell me when I need fuel, and the Zumo will tell me where the station are. Or if I decide I want to eat, I can punch up restaurants. Again, this is extremely useful in unfamiliar areas.

And with the addition of Custom POIs, I can have access to locations that are of interest to me and are easily updated.

And bonus, non-GPS functions that are very useful to me are the MP3 player and the Bluetooth connection to my phone.

Check out the Zumo Forums.


How did you wire it to be

How did you wire it to be heard through the speakers and headset?