Florida Trail Heads


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Last updated 01/13/2013

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This is a collection of trailheads located in Florida. While there's a bit of a Central Florida emphasis -- that's where I live -- the file covers the entire state.

If you have any trailheads you think should be added to this file, or if you have any corrections to existing trailheads, just send them to me. Please limit them to trailheads in Florida. I'll let other people compile lists for other states. (If you've posted trailheads for Georgia or Alabama, let me know and I'll add a link to them here.)

If you're interested in trails displayed on your GPS, go to www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/53. The author has created an overlay map of the United States that works in conjunction with other maps on your GPS. I've been sending the author corrections and additions to the trail map as I hike them. His map gets updated about once a month.

If you want to join a community of Florida hikers, go to www.myfloridahikes.com. I blog there about the trails I've hiked. Perhaps you can join us.


Florida Trail: Trailheads originally taken from www.floridatrail.org/html/gps_data.cfm. Most trailheads are for The Florida Trail, a 1,000 mile foot path from the Everglades to Pensacola. Other trailheads are for trails created and maintained by the Florida Trail Association. For more information, go to www.floridatrail.org
Trail Walker: The Florida Forest Service has a program in which you can earn patches if you hike enough of their trails. For more information, go to www.floridaforestservice.com/forest_recreation/trailwalker_i...

Change History

  • fcoulter - Jan 13, 2013
    Added and updated a couple of trails.

  • fcoulter - Dec 20, 2012
    Format cleanups, relocation of existing POIs and a few new ones added. (Nothing major) Working on major update in January.

  • fcoulter - Dec 3, 2012
    Add the Florida Trailwalker trails from the Florida Forest Service.

  • fcoulter - Nov 28, 2012
    Add Florida Trail trailheads. Added (P) and (TW) to a few existing trailheads.

  • fcoulter - Nov 26, 2012
    Data source requested that I not use their data. Points deleted. Other random points added.