Extra POI Editor | Troubleshooting | Application window does not appear

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After Extra POI Editor (EPE) has been working correctly for a period of time it suddenly fails to launch correctly. Its entry appears in the Windows Taskbar but the application window does not show up on the screen.


EPE saves its window location in the registry. If those values point to a location that is off the screen (or is otherwise invalid) then the application window cannot be seen.


- Make sure that you are using the latest version of EPE.

- Ensure that there are no instances of EPE currently running. Check the Windows Taskbar, right-click any instances of EPE and choose "Close". Alternatively, you could use the Windows Task Manager to end any current EPE tasks.

- Hold the [Shift] key down while launching EPE. That will reset the window position to its default value and should make it visible again.