Pohatcong Township red light cameras at Routes 22 and 122 to be shut down



Flashes at one of Pohatcong Township’s red light camera intersections will soon fade out.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation determined Tuesday the cameras at Routes 22 and 122 must cease processing citations Nov. 1.

The decision follows the failure of Pohatcong and Greenwich townships to reach an agreement about joint jurisdiction of one of the cameras.

Greenwich Township contacted the department in February with concerns some of the red light violations were occurring within its borders, while summonses were being issued by Pohatcong. The camera in Greenwich has generated more than $180,000 in revenue for Pohatcong in a year.

“The action taken by NJDOT is the result of Pohatcong officials' failure to make a good faith effort to resolve any of the many issues related to the cameras improperly operated within Greenwich Township,” Greenwich Township Mayo

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