PA interstate ninety five speed traps

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Last updated 10/16/2017

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Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) RADAR traps on Interstate Ninety-Five.

Please note, the PSP is not very active on RADAR details during the day during the week in the Philadelphia portion of 95, more-so at night and on weekends.

The POI's I have listed here are places I have personally seen a RADAR trap at least once.

The most active of the entire list are in the Bucks County portion around the route 413 exit/entrance.

ETA 1-9-16 I've seen Philadelphia Police become fairly active on their portion of I-95 recently, they do not use RADAR. They use other methods that a RADAR detector can not pick up.

ETA 10-16-17 updated file location in South Phila. PSP like to hide on the on/off ramps to/from the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Also, the PSP do not use moving RADAR they only use guns or a window unit while stationary. Have seen a few unmarked cars in use as well.

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