POI Shell Icon little red square?


My GPS doesn't show any (proper) POI for Shell Gas stations ( in western BC) ( Standard OIL ( Chevron) does show ) all other stations is just a little black pump .. But never received the Shell POI., I was fortunate enough for someone to guide me here to this site, and I installed the Shell POI .., but today noticed instead of the colorful Yellow shell it is just a 'square red box' ..

is this right . .I guess the POI factory doesn't hold any 'rights' for the proper avatar ..

would I be correct in that?

Coquitlam BC

Looks good to me.

I just went to
did a right click on "Shell Logo.BMP"
clicked on "Open"
and Paint showed me the expected "yellow shell" on a white background.

Try that and let us know.

Don't know what it would look like on a Tom Tom since I have a Nuvi.

Welcome to the site.

Don't forget

On the TomTom units you have to make sure that the name of the icon file (the .bmp file) is exactly the same as the name of the POI data file (the .ov2 file), including upper and lower case letters, underscores, etc.

As listed at the link in the message above, the file names are very different. You will need to rename them to match each other.

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- Tom -

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