input jack


Why did the gps makers quit including a input jack for playing your media on the car speakers.

Me Bigmac

Input Jack

Could it be coincidental with the MP3 functionality vanishing from newer Garmin Nuvi GPS units?

I still like being able to

I still like being able to hear my navigation sound played thru my car sound system, as I can do on my Nuvi 350, though.


nice implementation in bmw/Mini Cooper--

In my Mini Cooper, sound coming in on the Bluetooth link automagically pauses iPod playback, and resumes it when the Bluetooth traffic goes away. While designed to handle phones, this also works a treat for interruptions from Waze on my iPhone ("Caution! Traffic ahead!"). Notification audio also goes that way. This is going to be nice with turn-by-turn nav upcoming in iOS 6.

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