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Family-run collection of Tex-Mex restaurants started by the Martinez family of Austin. Matt Martinez Sr opened Matt's El Rancho more than 60 years ago.

His son, the late Matt Jr, expanded the Tex-Mex menu in his restaurants in North Texas.


The family business reflects a Tex-Mex tradition that spans six generations. Matt Martinez Sr., Chef Matt’s father, began with humble beginnings as did his father, Delfino, before him, selling tamales and pralines from a push cart on the steps of the State Capital in Austin, Texas. In 1925 Delfino proudly opened the first Tex-Mex eatery on 2nd and Congress, called “El Original”. His son, Matt Martinez Sr. and wife Janie, opened the door to their Matt’s El Rancho, Austin in 1952. El Rancho success is recognized throughout Texas and beyond. Matt Sr. was the self-proclaimed “King of Mexican Food” that of course would make all the Martinez Tex-Mex Royalty!

Matt Jr. (Chef Matt) and his wife Estella ventured beyond Austin in 1985 and moved to Dallas, Texas. It is there, that Matt’s Rancho Martinez was born. Popularity, accolades and world wide recognition has poured in since. With a host of honors, an important milestone and award of excellence was awarded to Chef Matt in 2000. He was inducted into the Texas Restaurant Hall of Fame alongside his father, Matt Sr. who was inducted in 1986. They are the first father and son to share this distinguished honor.

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