Nuvi 2555LMT


I've been considering upgrading from my 765 to this model. Have any of you had any bad experiences with the 2555?


Should have added that I'm also considering the 2595LMT. Would like comments on that unit as well. Thanks.

Nuvi 2595LM

I have the 2595LMT. I like it. My wife likes it too. You can check to see what is at the up comming exit and beyond. Traffic is real good on it too. Overall it is a great GPS. It is similiar to the 3590LMT except it doesn't have 3D bldg and terrain. You can also modify the Where To screen.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

Voice commands

Thanks, rthibodaux. How do you like the voice command feature? I've heard that it may be difficult when speaking street addresses to the unit.


All 3 of my GPS has VC. I would not buy a GPS without it. You have to turn the radio down sometime so the GPS can understand your command. If you speak clearly there should be no problem. Sometime my wife have to jump in there to give commands. With my Cajun accent sometime it can't understand what I am saying. I also like the dashboard. You can set it up to what you want to see. There are several option that you can use.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

I love my 2555lmt, being my

I love my 2555lmt, being my first gps, it was very easy to set up. Had it loaded with poi's in no time and it always goes with me when I am camping in my RV.

Garmin 2555lmt

garmin 2595lmt

The 2595lmt has some great features.
In normal on and off mode it takes its time
cycling up, but when its in the sleep mode
and you press the on switch, it is on immediately,
Favorites has been renamed to saved places. When using voice command and going to the saved places
you have the choice of using speak a saved place
or view list.
1.When using speak a saved place you only have
to say the name of the place. This is great.
2. If you can't remember how you saved the place
this is when you use the view list, You scroll
down the pages by voice command until you find what you want.
I got this unit in Feb or Mar and can't wait to get on the road with it.

Jim Jones