How to disable coordinates while scrolling map?


I just started using my first GPS, a Nuvi 2595LMT. When I use my finger to scroll the map it puts a blue coordinates flag wherever I touch the screen and the screen jumps to that coordinate. It's very aggravating. How can I disable or at least turn off this feature while scrolling?

I've searched the forums and can't find anything on this subject.


Nuvi 2595LMT

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Don't touch a road, or intersection. Also swipe, don't touch.

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Use the eraser on

a pencil to move around the map.

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I'm supprised this isn't an issue for others

I forgot to mention that this happens in simulation mode. I haven't used the unit in the car but once so I don't know if it happens on a live map.

I've tried swiping as lightly as I can and in long strokes but invaribally the marker pops up, almost without fail. It just can't be helped that your finger would come to stop at some point. It doesn't happen just when touching on a road either. Wherever the map is touched, even near the car - it doesn't matter - it jumps to that position and moves the entire map to center on that location.

Nuvi 2595LMT


MacDiver wrote:

I forgot to mention that this happens in simulation mode. I haven't used the unit in the car but once so I don't know if it happens on a live map.

Sitting here, I fired up my 765T and tried moving the map. BTW - it would not do anything until it finished acquiring satellites.

In normal mode I could move the map at will - but as mentioned above, I did much better with a pencil eraser. If I touched the map, I got a white bubble that indicated what was at the pressed location.

I went into simulation mode (but not on a route) and got exactly the same responses.

Still in simulation mode, I started a route and still got the same responses.

Hope some others will check to see what happens on their unit.


My NUVI40 is touchy rolleyes

If I press too soft, nothing happens.
If I press too hard, I get the bubble with information.
If my porridge is just right, the screen scrolls.

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rthibodaux wrote:

Use the eraser on a pencil to move around the map.

For my TomTom I use the styluses from my old Palm Pilot. I had collected a bunch of them so I just keep one in each vehicle.

Tested My 2460

I tested my 2460 and if i just lightly touched the screen and moved the map up or down, and side to side, then I relesed my finger it would not mark any locations. If I exerted a little pressure it would mark the spot on the map.

As jgermann suggested, just lightly swipe the screen to move then release your finger. If it still marks the spot using the slightest pressure maybe there is a problem with the touchscreen. I don't think calibrating will correct sinse it's a sensivity issue.

Try my suggestion, and if all other suggestions don't correct the issue, call Garmin support and explain the problem to them. I'd imagine the 2595 is still under warranty if a replacement is required.

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I have a 3490 and the map browsing is very nice, probably the nicest in the entire product line (along with the 35xx and probably the 37xx, except the 37xx can't browse in 3D view). When I deliberately press and let go, it marks the spot, but if I hold and swipe, it just moves the map and it stops moving when I let go. However, the browsing isn't quite as nice as on an iPod touch or iPhone.

On a few other Garmins, like the 1450, the map browsing can be frustrating because the map bounces back and forth for some reason and/or it recenters itself on a new part of the map unexpectedly.


3790 works the same as your 3490. Much better than the 1490 which was a bear to scroll. There is of course a difference between the 1490 and 3790 - the 1490 needed you to use your finger nail or stylus to work properly while the 3790 requires your finger touching the screen.

Are you saying that you can scroll the 3490 map in 3d mode and it stays in 3D mode? My 3790 will immediately go into 2D mode, as all my others Nuvi's did, when the map is scrolled.

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3D browse

3D browse