Garmin 330 GPS coordinate entry and interesting NC mountain trip


Does anyone know if Garmin will update the FIRMWARE of the 330 to allow direct GPS Coordinate entry like the NUVI? Is that even a possibility? I have left an email with Garmin about this but haven't heard anything from them.

I just had an interesting experience in the mountains of North Carolina. I was trying to navigate from Jefferson, NC to Lenoir, NC and the routing took me onto a dirt road, even though I have the dirt road avoidance selected. I decided to go with it and see. It was a dead end. I think they still need to work on that area of the country a little. I have Version 8. It was interesting. I had Highway Highway Highway and then all of a sudden I was instructed to turn left off the highway onto a gravel road. It wound around and went over a little hill to a dead end fence. Woops! I has worked impeccibly every other time but this.


Garmin C330