progress on POI database module


Pieces for the new POI database module are all starting to come together. I've been working on it for nearly two weeks, and I hope to release some basic functionality by the end of this week.

The first release won't be especially impressive, but it will provide a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Key features in the first release:

* manage a list of POI TYPES and associated POI locations
* multiple users can maintain locations for a POI TYPE
* screens allow POI data to be edited on the web site
* each POI TYPE has configuration options that define what fields are required or optional
* data is downloadable in Garmin CSV format

Enhancements planned for later releases include:

* import locations from KML (Google Earth) files
* allow users to keep track of favorite locations
* download data in GPX, TomTom and other formats



Core functionality is working in a test environment. I still need to implement security checks, do a final review of the code, and finish running test scenarios.

I gave Miss poi a preview yesterday, and she was pretty happy with what she saw. At least that's what she lead me to believe. smile

Netting it all out -- we're running a few days behind schedule, but I'm pretty confident we'll be able to start using it in production later this week.


Totally impressed

I was more than impressed, you guys are going to be blown away by what JM has created. I just love men with brains, I seem to be surrounded by them here at the Poi Factory:)
Miss Poi

managing expectations

The first release will be very basic, but it's a great foundation to build on.


miss poi u r really good for

miss poi u r really good for our egos. by the way JM this is neat stuff.