Are google map travel distance wrong?


I was looking last night at google map web site I enter several destination that I also have on my GPS and they all come up with the miles travel wrong.For Instace I enter my location to Long Island NY. My Gps show me the distance to be 423.5 miles ..Goggle map it give me 478.4 miles .it show me the same route as describe on my gps same road same exit same bridges to pass. But how can it be 45. miles wrong? I also try with others destination that I have on my gps and always give me higher number in mileages,,

Does anyone know the answer why, good map travel distance are wrong?

If someone else also can try and see what distance in extra miles they get?

sorry about the miles

I enter on my post above 45, miles different,instead hit the 55 I hit the 45..sorry


I've always assumed that it was just an approximation on miles and travel time. I have a whole lot of confidence in my 855 though. When driving without traffic, the arrival times are amazingly accurate given the situation it is estimating.

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same here

My Gps arrival time are always correct.I just was wonder how come Goggle map travel distance are always wrong?

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Does anyone know the answer why, good map travel distance are wrong?

The distance you see in the PND is on a straight line until you hit GO then it should be close to Google’s distance.

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Flaco's right

The distance shown when the POI is part of a list of POI's, the distance is the bee line distance; that is, the straight line distance. When you choose a particular POI for navigation but before you press "GO", press the vehicle icon on the "GO" screen and let the route be calculated. The driving distance will be shown which, of course, may well be much greater than the straight line distance. At least that's the way it works on my Nuvi 1450.

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That's how it works on all Nuvi's and IMO that's how you'd want it to work.

Since the Nuvi has no idea which POI or Favorite you are going to select as your destination, until you actually select it, the device would have to calculate a route to each of those POIs or Favorites, using your Faster/Shortest settings and avoidance's, in order to present a list displaying actual distances. This could take a very long time depending on how many POIS and/or Favorites you have stored, how far away your current location is from the POI/Favorite, etc. It's much faster to calculate a simple straight line distance and then do the hard work on only the ONE item you actually select to GO to.

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