Not sure if this is a red light camera or not


Been stressing quite a bit for the last few days, and thought I'd see what some of you guys think.

It was late at night (thankfully, or I could have caused a pretty bad accident). Four way intersection, and for some reason, my mind was somewhere else for a second. I passed a red light completely. There was no visible flash or anything. I went back and looked and didn't see anything that looked like the red light cameras I see on Google. FYI, I'm in California (San Jose).

Went home, and looked on Google maps to get a closer look. I noticed one thing that KIND of looks like a camera..not sure what it is. You'll see it at the top right in the picture below. Sorry it's a bit blurry

Any thoughts guys?

Thanks in advance!

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I expect that's a traffic control camera. Here are links to enforcement cameras:

receiver that is used to receive signal from emergency vehicles

Looks like the receiver that is used to receive the signal from emergency vehicles that allow them to change the traffic signal from red to green for them to pass through if needed.

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relax is not a speed or red light camera..cheer

I think it's

the solar switch that tells the light to turn on when the sun goes down.

Doesn't appear to be a camera

If it is at the top of a light pole seems it would be tough to get a picture of your plate. Maybe some kind of newer street lighting. If it was something to do with changing signals for emergency vehicles those are usually on the pole near the signals. This seems a wierd location for anything other than a street light.

street lamp?

Looks like a street lamp. But I respect the OP for being conscientious. Seriously, it's good to just think back, hey, I ran the light, because....and then learn a $0 lesson and try not to do it next time.

What I absolutely hate is repeat offenders, like transit vehicles. They are on the road everyday, yet blow lights where they know there isn't a cam.

Emergency Vehicle Receiver?

Like someone else wrote earlier, it looks like a receiver for emergency vehicles. When they approach an intersection with their lights on they send a signal to that unit that switches the traffic lights to red as the emergency vehicles approach the intersection. At least that's what it looks like to me. It's not a redlight camera.

-- where the heck am I?

Thank you've

Thank you've definitely put my mind at ease. I'll be way more careful driving from now on.