what is this


Tree Farm

My guess would be a tree farm. They've just taken the trees in circles.

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A really interesting RV park?

A really interesting RV park?

Street View

From street view, there is a locked farm gate across the entrance.

Tampa, FL - Garmin nüvi 660 (Software Ver 4.90), 2021.20 CN NA NT maps | Magellan Meridian Gold

Close to AF & NAS base

It's not far from Elgin AFB and NAS Pensacola. It's probably a secret UFO landing site.

Owned by

Black Creek of NW Florida
3411 County Highway 3280
Freeport, FL 32439-5410

Soil and nursery products?

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looks like a tree circle

looks like a tree circle from aliens!!

Cleared Land

Based on the scale, I'm going with the RV park idea. The land between the trees has been cleared, leaving the original tress and plants.

RV Resort

Googling "Black Creek of NW Florida" brought up a number of sites which mentioned an RV resort, specifically this one: http://www.bcrv.net/

If you look at the three inset photos, the one on the right appears to show the location in question, with the caption "Breaking ground on 1st. Pod". The image itself can be seen here: http://www.bcrv.net/images/Aerials/weBCRVtoGulf.gif
The photo appears to be a view looking to the southwest.

I don't know if they are actually open, following the "resort" link on the top menu, it says "Our targeted opening date is late 2007".

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rv park

rv site was my best guess. cold not find anything to verify. thanks for your input

Bankrupt RV Park

Looks like a nice RV park development that never happened. Interesting the website is still being hosted.

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Looks Like An RV Park

I'll have to agree with other posters, it looks like either:

1) An older RV park no longer in use


2) An RV park that was never finished.

OK.....so where the heck am I?

rv site

They were planning about 5 of those circular rv sites and other developements. I think it was an investment scam.

Fluffy Landing

avandyke may have hit the nail on the head. It's near an area called Fluffy Landing, near Freeport. The trees are probably there to break the fall of UFOs as they land (LOL).

soft landing indeed

Just saw this. I like the idea of "Fluffy Landing" for UFOs (grin), but it looks like it is a former trailer park after all. This makes more sense to me anyway, as opposed to a tree farm or a park, because of the roads. Seems like a pretty fancy trailer park arrangement, though.

Perhaps you should get in

Perhaps you should get in your car and set your gps to those coordinates and drive there.....lol

RV Park

I'm heading there for my summer vacation. Hope they have it finished by the time I get there.

Just kidding; I'm going there in the fall, not the summer.

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circles, circles

People in Florida love their circles. If it is the remains of an RV park, it might be the poor-man's alternative to the Rotonda development in SW Florida.