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Not accurate

shortround62 wrote:

Has anyone tried this web site out and installed to your gps It is pretty neat http://www.trapster.com/

For my area, it's accuracy is very poor. Claims cameras where there are none and does not have cameras where there should be one.


I'll give it a try though.

Very unreliable data

Very unreliable data

Nuvi 2460LMT.


When I tried it in the past, it was awful. Very inaccurate. Lots of reports of cameras where there aren't any.

Turn Lane cameras

This site relies on user reports.

So a lot of people see "Turn Lane" recognition cameras - assume they are red light cameras - and report them.

That makes this site very unreliable. It is the ones that are not there that would give the problems.

If you have the database, note that all of the Houston TX cameras are still in the database.