Best voice recognition model?


Hi all,

I'm considering a new device, but would like a model that features voice recognition (not to be confused with text to speech aka spoken street names).

I'm looking at the 2495LMT, but the reviews are mixed.

What do you think?

many factors

To give a clearer picture of the opinion I'm about to give I must disclose that English is my second language, having said that I give it mix reviews.

Besides regional speech being a problem for the system to understand the user, the vehicle the unit is used also has to do with how good does it responds to your command.

In my Altima if I speak slowly it hardly has any problems understanding my commands on the first try, can’t say the same for my Ford F150, many times I have to repeat the command for the 2460LMT to understand what I’m saying in the noisier environment.

So considering the voice recognition in my 2460LMT doesn’t include training of the user’s voice it does pretty good with the limited commands.

I changed the "Voice Command" in my unit to "Wake Up Jack"

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flaco's right

There are many things that affect voice recognition in these units. I have an 885 which was one of the first series to have voice recognition. My unit, I understand, has a larger vocabulary of commands than the later units, but so much depends on where the unit sits in regard to the speaker and the interior noise in the vehicle. If something else in in the background, passengers speaking, radio playing or almost anything else it will affect the accuracy. The 8XX series is different from the other units in another way as well, it uses a remote to turn on the voice recognition feature rather than a "wake-up phrase." The 8XX series also allows the use of an external mic which also helps as you can get a noise canceling type which greatly helps. That feature isn't in the newer models.

The same pickup mics are used for the bluetooth, so the performance of the bluetooth is also affected in the same way. Best estimate, your mileage will vary.

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Elaborating and agreeing

Elaborating and agreeing with Flaco and Box Car's comments I want to share some of my evaluations.
I, like Flaco, have the Nuvi 2460 and am generally satisfied with its voice recognition.
Here are the most recent Nuvi's that have voice recognition. 2360,2460,2495,2595,3490,3590,3790.
I do believe all have the same speech engine.

The default to activate speech is "VOICE COMMAND".
You can customize the activation to what you want.
I changed mine to "voice on".
On some recent trips while in conversation with my wife, the voice recognition activated several times. I can't recall having said voice in those conversations, perhaps on was spoken but that shouldn't have activated it since both words are required to activate. I was more amused than annoyed.

My biggest complaint with voice recognition is the inability to choose a favorite by voice command.
I have over 20 favorites on my Nuvi 2460. The favorites are listed in the order of proximity to your current location, NOT alphabetical.

Let's say I want to go to Favorite # 21 which is 450 miles from home and the name is Victor. I access voice by saying voice on, then say favorites. The favorites screen appears with 3 lines visible starting from the closest first. To get to the next three entries I have to say "down". To reach Victor I have to say down 6 times until I reach the line # 21 where Victor is located. It's just easier to do it manually.

I believe the 2595,3490,3590,3790 display 4 lines instead of 3 in saved places (favorites). not much of an improvement.
I had hoped that I could just enter favorites, say the name Victor, then GO. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

All thngs considered, I would still buy another unit that had voice activation. I do prefer the 5" screen the 2460 has, my eyes are not as good as they used to be. I wear reading glasses but can't use them while driving.

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Thanks muell9k

Good review on the voice recognition. I recently got a 2595. I haven't tried out the voice recognition, but will do so soon. I will post my opinion after I've given it a thorough testing.

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Voice Control

I have the 2595 and was quite impressed by the voice recognition. It works very well. Although, if I have the radio on or the heat-A/C on loud it has a hard time hearing the wake-up phrase. Other than that it works very good but you are limited by the onscreen commands as to what you can say (hey it's not Siri).

Thanks, Dave