Nuvi 3490 power problems


Has anyone noticed that sometimes the NUVI 3490 doesn't shutdown or sleep when the car power is turned off?

Mine usually turn off but a few times I've returned to a dead NUVI battery.


Does it ask

Does the unit ask you to turn off when it looses power? My truck maintains constant power to the cigarrette lighter so it continues on the truck battery all night if I leave it

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My 3490 gives me the 15

My 3490 gives me the 15 seconds shutdown counter when it looses power.

Shutdown might be operating properly

It could be that the shutdown routine always operates properly when you turn the car off. The way the nuvi can restart and not shut down when the power is off is when the ignition or accessory power is momentarily turned on and then shut off before the nuvi fully boots up.

Let's say you park in the summer and leave the windows open. The nuvi is shut down. Later you come back and turn on the ignition long enough to close the power windows, and then turn the key off. The nuvi continues its boot-up using its own battery, and continues to operate. 4 to 6 hours later the battery is depleted. The nuvi can only sense a power loss when it is fully booted up and operating.

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It just stays on and when I return it's dead.

I've been watching to find a common occurrence but nothing yet.

do you have...

the ECO HD adapter attached (figuratevly)...

With my 3490 attached to the ECO HD when I shutdown the car, the power to the OBDII is lost and the device shuts off in about 15 seconds.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! smile

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