Garmin 2012.3 Update (troubles on Mac)


Garnin needs to hire programers that know a little about Macs. It is a giant pain to get to this update. It won't come in at all on my laptop. It's now downloading on my iMac.. It kept wanting to download the special programs to download the maps and they wouldnt open or anything on the iBook. Finally I got the single time program to work on the iMac. I have no idea what the problem was. I'll try again when I get it done once. I know I can copy it over but I want to see if I can get it to work on here,

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This Is Not Good

I couldn't get the update to download, then it did download and I have no idea where it is. The Updater shows 2012.3 as being installed on my Mac, but I can't find it and it doesn't show up in BaseCamp or RoadTrip, or the directory with the previous versions.

This is very surprising and disappointing.

I'm still too disappointed to call Garmin.

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Mac or GPS?

Are you downloading a map update to your Mac or your GPS?

I updated my map about 6 monthsago for my Nuvi. I had my GPS connected to the Mac.

To get the map into Basecamp, I had to have the GPS connected to the Mac. It took forever to download.

-- where the heck am I?