GPS Interference


My Garmin nuvi 680 seems to work better when my cell phone is off. My cell phone has a built in GPS receiver. A friend thinks that there may be some sort of signal interference from the satellites. Is there some way to change the channel of my Garmin so that it will work better around my cell phone?


"seems to work better"

How does the GPS react to the cell phone?

Have you tried your Nuvi in another vehicle with your phone?

Now I'm throwing a dart here: You could try turning off the locater on your cell phone.

Some reading material:

660, v3.80

My GPS used to interfere

My GPS used to interfere with my V1 radar detector but stopped all a sudden for no real reason.

Not really helpful, but interesting. I'd try moving the GPS further from the cell though. Does it happen with all cells?

Satellite Signals are very weak

The signals received by our GPS's are very weak compared to other devices, i.e. cell phones. For this reason they require high gain antennas and need to have more sensitive receivers than other devices. As a result they can be more prone to interference.

Another issues is that radio receivers actually emit a radio signal on the same frequency that it receives on . Typically this generated signal is of much lower power then the signal being received but still exists. Our GPS's are radio receivers so this can apply as well.

This is not an answer, but some additional data points. I had the same problem on occasion with my Garmin GPSV and a Blackberry phone.

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