Some Icons Don't Display; Nuvi 3790T


I have downloaded POI's for Harley Davidson, Culvers and Best Western along
with their icons from this website. Using the latest version of Garmin's
POI Loader I installed these three POI's on my Garmin Nuvi 3790T. The
Harley icon shows up at the various locations I checked, but the icons for
Culvers and Best Western do not show up anywhere. I tried uninstalling all
POI's, then reinstalling. I cycled power completely using shutdown. I checked the Icon file names and they match the poi files names exactly. The only difference I see is that the Harley file is .gpx and the other two are .csv. This might not have anything at all to do with it. What can I do to make these all work?

you did

You did download an icon file for them and made certain the name matched exactly with the exception of the 3 character extension didn't you? You also need to be certain your computer isn't hiding extensions for known file types so you don't create a double (.BMP.BMP) extension.

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Are You

When you look for the Icons on the Garmin are you at a low enough setting on the screen to show icons? Do Garmin preloaded icons show? I would also ask if you are in range of a HD, Culvers or BW when you look for the icon. Can you get directions to the HD, Culvers or BW you select on the GPS?

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One other

One other thing you can try is to insure that the .bmp is the proper color depth. I have found a number of .bmp files being used are not visible on the 3790 because of this.

For the ones that are not showing, open them in Windows Paint. Then do a Save As to re-save the file.
When the Save As screen opens, change the Save As Type (bottom center of the screen) to 256 Color Bitmap and save the file with the exact same name as the POI file and a .bmp extension.

Of course you'd have to run POIloader again to place the newly saved .bmp into your Custom POIs on the Nuvi.

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Icons Now Work

Thanks t923347 for your great answer. I Opened and resaved the icons that did not work in the 256 color bitmap and now all of the icons work. I really appreciate your solving my problem!