Navigating the Iowa Flood Detours


You might find this link hands to navigate detours due to the Great Missouri River Flood:

Some of this flooding is anticipated to last into September folks...

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would be nice if this sort of info (including storm, tornado, special event road closure...) can be placed in subscribed traffic alert for detour.

Iowa DOT does Twitter

Their twitter feed will include temporary single lane or road closure due to accidents, or other emergency/temporary, short term and long term construction, or other situation. In a "perfect" world, the traffic service providers would follow such feeds, and include the information in their data streams... but that makes too much sense, so it doesn't get done...

*Keith* MacBook Pro *wifi iPad(2012) w/BadElf GPS & iPhone6 + Navigon*


I had thought including road closures in traffic alerts would be easier to do than estimating traffic delays. Get to work, folks.


We drove East to West across Iowa on June 6th. Mississippi was high in Burlington but not flooding many roads as far as we could see and we spent most of a Tuesday in that area. Lots of flooded fields. The rest of the way across no real signs of major flooding on the mostly center route that we took. It was a concern and we did call a few days before to see if we should plan on detours.

We also drove across SD last week and even camped close to the Missouri (on high ground). Again some flooding but not enough to close any major roads that we could see.