For all Car Guys....Very Cool ! Located in Minneapolis.


Be patient and wait through the commercial. Very, very cool ! A place to keep your cars AND your GPS units.

Too bad we all don't have

Too bad we all don't have money to burn. Really cool though.

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WOW, now that's what I need.

WOW, they didn't have anything like that when I use to live up in the Minneapolis area about 28 years ago!

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It's a Gargagemahal Community... smile

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That's really cool. You can keep your car there in the winter. My only thought is they better have some top notch security, b/c if I was a car thief, that would be a for sure good place to rob.


oh man that's nice.

Wow, very cool

Every car head's dream.

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After I win the Mega Millions I'll sign up and fly in.

He's got to have one heck of an insurance policy and a security system to match. You'd think he'd spread the buildings apart in case of a fire. A little race track would be icing on the cake.


I want a man cave like that. However, I don't have any vehicles like the ones I saw to put in it.

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Holy wow. And just when you thought people ran out of ways to burn their money.... They never seist to amaze me...

man cave

If it was closer to me, WHERE DO I SIGN UP?


Certainitly does seem like a

Certainitly does seem like a huge waste of money. Of course, I also think a cabin is a waste of money. So I think that this is a better waste of money than a cabin which is whst I think that these people are thinking as well.