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What was the price of regular gasoline when you started driving?

My first vehicle was a used 1950 Chevy that cost me $50 of which I had to borrow from a friend and the gallon of gas was 25¢

Can you guess the year? 1963

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78p a UK gallon in 1978. 17p

78p a UK gallon in 1978. 17p a litre.

The UK AA has a PDF going back to 1896;


We had some price wars in 1963 (Maryland)driving the gas price down to 17 cents for regular. It was FULL service, they pumped the gas, checked your battery and cleaned your windshield, and often you got a steak knife, a glass or S&H Green Stamps towards gifts. ONE thing you always got was a THANKYOU!

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Price Of Gasoline

Oh Wow, gas was 25 cents when I started driving so was cars easier to repair.

gas price

$0.29 per gallon when I started driving.

89C a Gal Jan 2000

89C a Gal Jan 2000

GAS Price

I can remember 39.9 for and imperial gal and the station gave you a draw ticket for half a Beef in 1969.

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