OK...I've got my new Garmin....NOW WHAT!!!


So I've been on here for a week or 2 now and I finally got my new garming in my hand yesterday - I spent the entire evening just driving around and playing with it (the GARMIN!!!) which is not a bright move with gas being like 25 bucks a gallon right? Anyway - I've put in some POI's I've put in my 2G memory card - SOOO....what's next? I love the unit, it works flawlessly - the only thing that I cannot seem to do (most likely because there is no real function for it) is use the GPS on my computer - I would love a way to interact with my gps (look at maps, plan stops) but there seems to be no functionality with hooking up to a computer - I was hoping to atleast get a simple garmin menu - but nada.....anyway, I am not stressing over this - but I am just curious....what do you guys do (I mean other than use it for it's maps) with your GPS? Are there any cool functions that aren't listed anywhere (kinda like the easter eggs in DVD's) that I would enjoy -

Just curious if someone uses thier for some crazy cool thing?

just wondering............

What model

Nugs - what model did you buy? Computer connectivity depends somewhat on the model and it's capabilities.

It's pretty much for use in navagation. It can help pass time on an airplane. It can be a treasure hunt hobby, aka, geocaching, that many find a lot of fun.

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