IPad/IPod/IPhone Radio Apps.


For those of you who have either an IPod / IPad or IPhone these apps may have some interest to you. Once loaded you can decode Morse Code or We-Fax (weather fax) various digital modes of communication, just by holding your device close to the speaker of a shortwave, tuned to the proper frequency............it's really rather easy and pretty cool ! When you go to the webpage you can see samples of each of the outputs.

I know there's quite a few ham radio operators on this website by their nicknames and thought you might find this interesting as I did. There are examples of the output for each app if you click on it.


That's Cool and all, but...

I'm reasonably certain there are other apps and or web sites you can retrieve those same map products directly from their sources... but can see these apps may be of value in event of extreme catastrophic event and there are no other data sources available.

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