New Mexico Diesel Fuel


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Last updated 04/02/2011

Raw file: NMDieselPOI.csv (30.83 KB)

Includes 393 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NM, TX
  • some may be in: AZ, MEX, OK (near a border)

If you have realized when your GPS directs you to FUEL that doesn't necessary mean diesel fuel and you are driving in New Mexico, this is for you. This CSV file has most gas stations that sell diesel fuel in the state of New Mexico (includes El Paso TX). I used Google Maps and several online fuel trackers to locate most of these stations so they should be accurate. Please let me know of any errors. Enjoy and happy travels.

*2013 Update* I found an app on my Android phone called GASBUDDY that will not only tell you the location of a Diesel station but will also tell you current prices. Since I'm using this I won't be updating this file.