Strange but good


I have a NUVI 350. It likes to take me down a "local" street that I prefer not to travel (to small).

I changed the vehicle from the "car" to the "truck" and it no longer routes me down that local street.

Has anyone else seen that happen?

NUVI 350 owner

Maybe Not

Or just be sure to change it before you take a longer road trip unless you want to be routed on truck routes. I've seen the Nuvi very smartly direct me to the car lanes over the Grapevine (I-5 in Southern CA) and kept me out of the truck lanes. It is very cool to see this happen, but that won't happen if the Nuvi thinks you are a truck.

I've had better luck by making sure I use paved roads and fastest route. I too get routed down a local street -- one that doesn't even exist as a through street. I either hit detour, or I just ignore it until the Nuvi recalculates. After all, locally I really do know where I'm going.

Garmin Nuvi 350