Fix: Nuvi 255/255W Keeps Restarting on "Loading Maps..."


Since I had this problem and no one seemed to have a solution that worked for me, here's what I did. That doesn't mean it will work for you and it does not mean it won't ruin your unit.

My problem: The unit would turn on, Garmin logo would show up, and the "Loading maps..." text would show up and right at that moment the unit would restart, looping in this pattern. Connecting to a computer to use WebUpdater was unsuccessful. The solid state memory was inaccessible in MyComputer. Device seemed to be screwed.

1) Download the v7.10 software from: (or for the 2x5w units)
2) Download RGN Tool from:
3) Download and install USB Drivers from:
4) Download eTrex update from:
5) Extract Updater.exe out of the file from #4. It would make sense to have all of these files in the same folder.
6) Download G7Towin.exe from:
7) Start RGN Tool program and open nuvi2x5_GCDFile__710.gcd
8) Click the save to RGN icon and save it as a RGN file such as 085101000710en.rgn (in my case).
9) Now, this next part is tricky because it appears to vary with the software version you are using. My unit would turn on as soon as I plugged it into the USB and begin looping. What I did was push my finger on the top left corner of the touchscreen while plugging it into the USB with the other hand. If you did it correctly, the screen will stay on the Garmin logo and the computer will install the device. Otherwise, if it continues to loop, push the top-left corner again and turn it on and hold the switch in the on position while plugging it in. However you get it to stay on the Garmin screen and install to windows, DONT LET GO!
10) Open the G7Towin program and click GPS/Get GPS ID from the menu bar. Verify your HWID is 0851 (for 255, unsure about 255w). If it is not, stop here as you can do some damage to your unit if you proceed.
11) Assuming you have the 0851 HWID unit, repeat step 9.
12) This time, go into MyComputer where you saved the Updater.exe and 7.10 software files and drag the 7.10 .RGN file onto the Updater.exe program. The program will open and you will have to select USB, Nuvi 2...etc.
13) It should begin to install at this point. Let it run for a while, if it doesn't restart itself, you can hit the reset button on the bottom of the unit (I would wait at least 15 min).

I ended up hitting the reset button and so far the unit is working fine and went past the Loading maps screen. There was a box that came up about continuing the update and erasing user data, I tried to click yes the first time but didn't have the patience to wait and see if it was doing anything so I reset the device and clicked no the second time around and it worked fine for me. I will test it out and re-update and click yes and let it run as long as it needs to if it has any problems. Hope this helps!

All right, decided to

All right, decided to piggyback onto this old thread instead of starting a new one because I am having this exact same issue and this is the only thread I could find. Hope that's okay.

I received a new GPS for Christmas but we were going out so I didn't have time to get that one all set up. We got in the car, I turned on my trusty 255w which HAD BEEN FINE up to that point, and it chose THAT MOMENT to loop indefinitely as described above. I cannot get it to start up, and I cannot get my computer to recognise it. I even tried replacing the battery, no change. I have not tried a hard reset of course as I'm trying to save my data. (My unit has no button on the bottom but I know how to access the YES/NO screen.)

Since I had just gotten a new one you'd think I'd be okay with that except I had wanted to transfer over some saved coordinates that have no address (such as the ones I use when I go camping each year). I had no idea until after this happened that you can backup GPS files to your computer. :/ Never saw it mentioned before and I never thought of trying to find a way to do it.

The instructions above are pretty complicated, and besides the first link doesn't work anymore and I can't find that file anywhere else.

I do still have a couple months on my Best Buy service plan and I will take it in if I have to, though I will certainly lose all my data. I suspect they'll just throw a new unit at me.

Its completely okay if the only answer is no, but does anyone know if there's any hope of getting my saved info back from this unit? Thank you to anyone who offers assistance.


Saving your favourites is as easy as copying the 'current.gpi' file from the unit. Then, rename it 'temp.gpi' and copy it to any unit to use. The GPS will recreate the current.gpi from the temp.gpi.

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A small tab on the back.

Do you have a small triangular tab on the back of the unit underneath the raise up antenna?

Try pushing that. That worked for me when my unit was looping.

I know that *now*.I just

I know that *now*, Jug. wink

I just wanted to see if anyone knew how to save my current unit before I took it back to Best Buy.

Nxs: raise-up antenna? My 255w does not have that.

A good thought

Juggernaut wrote:

Saving your favourites is as easy as copying the 'current.gpi' file from the unit. Then, rename it 'temp.gpi' and copy it to any unit to use. The GPS will recreate the current.gpi from the temp.gpi.

Piece of pasta!

Unfortunately when the unit is looping, you can't access the gps memory to get to the file.

As long as you know the

As long as you know the current version of the firmware you should be able to download it by using the link provided in the first post, but changing the version number.

e.g. the current version is 7.50 if I recall. Therefore replace "710" in the link with "750".

As an alternative go to Garmin's page for the firmware and using your browser, view the HTML source of the page. In the source it provides the link.

Other than following the instructions from that point, your only alternative is to see if some of the other GPS enthusiast sites have posted cure firmware, such as

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My mistake

NeitherSparky wrote:

I know that *now*, Jug. wink
Nxs: raise-up antenna? My 255w does not have that.

Sorry, I confused it with the 350.


Perhaps you have already done this, nethersparky, but before doing anything to your unit - including updating maps - you should make a backup.

This is advice that we give to everyone and it has saved many who did so.

Instructions found at

silent636's solution worked for my Nuvi 255w

Thanks silent636, I was able to recover my Nuvi 255w.

Now, you can download the v7.60 software from: (or for 2x5 units)

Just want to say THANK

Just want to say THANK YOU!!!! This worked. Used the link for software version 7.6 instead of 7.1 as mentioned in other posts. Just want to add that i had to change the settings in the G7Towin program to read the usb port in order for it to recogize the gps plugged into the usb port. Otherwise G&Towin program just gave me an error message. Also my (nuvi 255) kept all my saved addresses when i selected no when "there was a box that came up about continuing the update and erasing user data" after everything had successfully installed! The unit loaded right up and had maps but for about 20 minutes i was a bit worried as it could not find the satellite and showed my location as the place where it had last functioned. lol. I went for a drive and life is good. Thanks again, saved me $100 i dont have right now as i need this for work. wink

poppin smurfs

Garmin e-mailed me a file to run

When my 255W kept saying "missing files"
Apparently there are 2 files depending on your serial number. It got it working and nothing was lost. E-mail them. I hope you registered it with them way back when you bought it.

Nuvi 255W Hardware ID

Nuvi 255W Hardware ID on mine was: 1091

Successfully used firmware:


after processing with RGN_Tool.

Only other change was I had to run Update.exe as Administrator on Windows7/64 bit.

Thanks for a great set of instructions!

Agreed. Thanks!!!!

Just wanted to add a few screenshots to clarify the steps I did to reset my 255 but can't find any way to add pics to posts.

First my 255 went into the "boot loop" when plugged in, after the battery completely discharged during use even though it was plugged into the car power port. There may be an issue with the car power port in this particular car, because we've never had an issue in our other vehicle.

Second, make sure the battery is well charged before trying these steps. I tried doing these steps with a new battery only partly charged and didn't seem to get too far. I don't know if the battery level had anything to do with it.



Under the File tab -- "configuration", you enter a configuration page. There's a check box for "com port." Make sure the USB box is checked and hit the "save" button.

Then under the GPS tab -- "Get GPS ID" -- I got an error message. After clearing the message, the display said

"nuvi 2 Series Software Version 5.70 ID: 851"
with another line underneath

The ID, 851 in my case is the HWID or ID of step 9 above, which matched the directions. I wanted to make sure that I noted that even after I got the error message for the "Get GPS ID" step, I still got the ID anyway. I didn't want this to throw anyone off like it did me.

I also used the v7.6 software from the previous post

occsbin wrote:

Thanks silent636, I was able to recover my Nuvi 255w.

Now, you can download the v7.60 software from: (or for 2x5 units)

After the update, the GPS asked if I wanted to continue with the update as the version of the software was older than the one installed on the GPS and that saying "yes" would delete user information. I pressed "no" and the GPS was back in business.

Another thing

I just went through attempting to get my Nuvi 255W connected to a computer and tried Windows 7 both 64 and 32 bit and Windows XP. To no avail...

Then I tried a third Mini USB cable and IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY!

Lesson is apparently "Charging USB" cables (which is most of them) do not work.

Same problem with Zumo 210

I have the same problem with my Zumo 210.
Is this fixable?
Where can i find the firmware for it ?