question about ttsvoiceeditor


ive been playing around with this program this week end and it has a buffer what is this for ,,,,, ive tryed to deleat some parts of phases and it says out of memory ,,, some thigs id like to see on this program is a way to listen to the phase .... other then that its a pertty cool little program.... any updates of it coming out???


Hi harley1974,

The buffer is used to store the new navigation prompts that you typed. If the buffer gets to zero, there is no more space for changes. I am surprised you filles the entire buffer.

If it happened, you can export (File-Export) your changes to a text file, open the original copy of the VPM and Import (File-Import) the changes you made to the previous file using the exported text file. This will clean up a bit of memory you lost when changing and re-changing lots of prompts.

Otherwise, start with the original VPM and be more conservative about what you change. Also, some prompts are not spoken by the GPS. No need to change them. You are losing buffer characters for nothing.

About updates: not much more I can do. It is impossible to speak out TTS prompts on the computer.

Thanks for the feedback,



thanks for getting back..and as fast as you did....would you happen to know what commands that are not spoken......cause if i deleated them would i gain more space????

Clean up

To clean up, the only way is to export and then import over the original file.

If you listen to your GPS, it should be fairly easy to find the ones that are spoken. Anything that is not street related is not spoken.