My route went right into a road closed bridge


I was in Pittsburgh today at the auto show and I let my Garmin 680 lead me least I thought took right up to road with signs saying road closed........bridge out so I turned around and so she keeps trying to turn me around to go back to same closed road.......running around in circles and my low fuel light was blinking..........Sometimes I think the old way was better..............Dave

Detour button!

Did you hit it!? it should generate a route that takes you around that bridge....

If the road was closed

If the road was closed fairly recently (and this could include the past 5 years) then it might not show up as being closed on the map. We have a local (fairly major) bridge that has been closed since March 2005 it doesn't show up as closed on the GPSr.

Did you try using the Detour function of your unit if it has one? That way you would have been "telling" the unit that you couldn't go that way. Otherwise, it just thinks you are off course and tries to get you back on course.

And remember to try to think of your GPSr as a co-pilot not an auto-pilot.

co-pilot indeed

co-pilot indeed

Try Boston

I've never been to Boston (in the fall or otherwise) before last month so I took my C330 with me to tour the city. I am still hearing the phrase "Recalculating Route" in my sleep! There are a ton of tunnels in Boston and I lost signal in every one. By the time it was able to figure my position outside of the tunnel, I had usually missed my turn.

Not sure if I would have been better off without the thing or not.

Did not hit the button

NO, I was thinking later I should have hit the detour button but it was already too late because by then I had seen a landmark and I knew where I was and how to get home........Oh well next time I will know....Dave

Side trips

When I go to my mom's, it wants to take me down a side street, and make a turn, where their is not even a road.


Co-pilot or wife

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

And remember to try to think of your GPSr as a co-pilot not an auto-pilot.

Sounds more like my wife

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Don't Forget to Watch the Road

The "Bridge Out" story reminds me of a story that made the news a couple of years ago about people relying too much on their GPS.

As I recall it was a Dutch couple and they were following the turn by turn directions so intently that they failed to notice the GPS was having them take the ferry to cross a river. You can probably guess the rest.... The ferry wasn't at the dock and they drove straight into the water. Of course they blamed it on the GPS.

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