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I'm a seasoned traveler, but new to using a GPS device to guide me, and help find points of interest. We have a fairly large rig consisting of a 34' fifth wheel trailer and an F350 Ford diesel dual wheel truck.

Two problems commonly arise traveling with this type rig.

Finding easily accessible service stations having diesel fuel.

Locating good restaurants with available big big parking nearby (such as mall parking lots or around the restaurant itself).

Is there a GPS/APP available that will help solve these two problems (the restaurant parking availability is the biggest problem). You just need to know if you can park, make turns, turn around when you get to the restaurant.

Thanks for any help you can offer

P.R. Durden

Welcome to Poi Factory

Welcome to the site .Lots of files for camping etc on site for free download.See .Lots of campers on here.Sure they will chime in with some ideas from their own experiences.

If you decide to do custom pois and set up alerts for your personal pois see .

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Welcome to the site Ray!

As to your questions, there is a lot of help for you here in the way of files. We have a low clearance file, a list of all the truck stops, most of the restaurant chains, shopping centers, camp grounds (including Camp Wal-Mart where allowed). To put it mildly, there are a lot of RV friendly files available.

As you have a Garmin, there are two flavors of custom POI files you can use interchangeably - CSV or GPX. You can download icons for most of the files and get your unit to play custom alert sounds as well. (You will need another program for your alerts though. It's called SOX and searching for SOX will bring up a great many threads discussing how to load and use it.

Spend a little time looking through the FAQ files. They will lead you step-by-step through loading and updating your unit. Now, have fun!!

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Truck Stops

There are collections of truck stop locations - those should fit the bill.

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Your Question

To answer your question. Yes and No. There are a number of poi's that show places to get fuel. But I would say that most of the poi's that have places to eat do not show if or how big the parking is or how excessaable it parking is. In most cases it would be best to call an ask about parking. Good luck in your travels and enjoy the site.

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Truck Parking Guide

There is a Truck Parking Guide book available at this website...that lists store, restaurants....etc that have parking for big rigs.

Parking Guide

Thanks a loit. I'll check it out.


P.R. Durden


Thanks for the reply

P.R. Durden

Ray, How high is your rig?

Ray Durden wrote:

We have a fairly large rig consisting of a 34' fifth wheel trailer and an F350 Ford diesel dual wheel truck.

I guess a fifth wheel is not as high as some RVs, but how high is it? We also have some low clearance POIs.

Welcome to the site!

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